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We are happy to present the new car wash Pitstop self-service 24h. The area of the self service wash offers 2 car positions for clients and works with currency. The car washing is now in your hands. Select the programs you want to follow and autonomously operate the washing process and care of your car. Take advantage of the most state of the art technology which is available at your hands in a pleasant and modern environment such as Pitstop Park.

6 step car washing program with only 2,5€

Why choosing the 24h self service car wash at Pistop Park?




1. It is 24 hours available.

2. Everest shop is 10 meters away and in the same area.

3. There is an automarket shop available for the products I need to buy.

4. The machinery is a state of the art technology with a 6 pack program.

5. The Pitstop Park staff is always available to help me in all the process of washing.

Things to know before visiting

  • During operation, the wash area must only be occupied by the user!
  • Never point the high pressure jet towards people, animals or objects!
  • Observe the recoil force of the spray jet!
  • Before use, check the foam brushes for cleanliness and the presence of hard dirt on the surface of the car to avoid any damage to the paint.
  • Use the brushes only during the program!
  • Never use the brushes on the wheels or to the engine of the car!
  • If the installation in the  one  car position is showing visible damage, use the next cleaning position
  • The water from the establishment is not drinkable!




What precautions should I take during washing?

If the use of the technology is made accordingly to the instructions for use there is no way to cause damages to the vehicles during washing. We do not accept responsibility for non-professional paint, paint damage from rust or grave due to inappropriate handling of the spray pipe and frost.


How safe is it for the environment?

To protect water resources we cannot accept the use of other detergents (e.g. cleaning chemiclas). In addition, it is not allowes to  change car oils in the cleaning positions of the cars. It is not allowed to clean objects containing hazardous materials and against health. Responsibility for damages bears the person who has caused the damage. Wastewater plants are disposed in accordance with legal regulations. The water consumption of this plant is 10 to 15 times lower than the car washing we do at home.


Washing Time

The washing time starts running after the introduction of the coin.


Display of residual value shows the credit balance in washing stations.


The washing time is running even when the switch is in position "STOP".


If during the wash time customers insert more coins these are recorded and added to the existing wash time.

What if both the car washing positions are occupied and there is a huge car traffic?

Customers are able to visit the self-service  car wash at Pitstop Wash tunnel.

This is the procedure:

• The car enters the tunnel and is being washed externally.

• Collect your car yourself from the exit of the tunnel.

• Drive the car to the cleaning position of the self service areas.

• Undertake sweeping exterior and interior cleaning.

• Available time :15 minutes

• price: 5,00 €



Stopping the program

Starting position, washing tools

on the tool holder

4. Rinse

For rinsing of soap and dirt. High pressure spray distance min. 50cm

2. High pressure

Removal of large contaminants

Warm water with shampoo.

High pressure spray distance

min. 30cm

5. Hot wax

Hot wax with color protection. Only be used after rinsing. High pressure beam length min. 80cm

3 Foam

Deep cleaning with active foam. Use the foam brush only during the program and only after high pressure washing

6. Polishing

Drying without stains. Demineralized water with polish dryer. High pressure beam length min. 80cm




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